Welcome to CCCS

The Centre for Cybercrime and Computer Security at Newcastle University carries out versatile cyber security research and provides education to make the Internet safer for families, businesses and organisations.

Following the research vision of Protecting the Society’s Fabric, CCCS tackles the global problem of cybercrime and cyber security, while benefiting the regional community. GCHQ and EPSRC have acknowledged CCCS as one of the Academic Centres of Excellence in Cyber Security Research (ACE-CSR) in the UK.

The CCCS team brings together police officers and research scientists to identify future modes of cybercrime and to design innovative, sustainable solutions.

CCCS provides training for parents through its SAFER Internet programme, and offers various university courses. Its researchers invent new technologies to protect against various forms of cybercrime. CCCS holds various events each year to reach out to families and businesses, including a launch event in February 2010, a conference on Threats and Trust in Cyberspace in March 2011, and a conference on Combatting the Commercial Cultivation of Cannabis in May 2012.

CCCS is focused on the needs of our local business and residential community, making the digital economy safer for all. CCCS is supported in this objective by the North East Fraud Forum NEFF.